Hindi Male Singers – Manna Dey

Manna Dey was a versatile and legendary male playback singer who had made immense contribution to the Hindi music Industry. He had sung thousands of songs in various Indian Languages. He had showed his talent in various musical genres like Emotional, patriotic songs, prayer songs, classical songs, qawaali and other songs. He was awarded with 2 national awards for his phenomenal singing. He was the proud recipient of Padma Bhushan award.

Famous Songs of Manna Dey are as follows:

(1) Song : Ketaki Gulab Juhi

Album : Basant Bahar

Description : It is a class song that shows the classical singing abilities of Manna and thus proves his awesome singing talent.

Manna Dey (2) Song : Chalat musafir moh liya

Album : Teesri Kasam

Description : This is an entertaining song where Manna reflects the essence of folk and culture theme.

(3) Song : Ik chatur naar

Album : Padosan

Description : This song take you on laughter ride as it was comic and shot in a pleasurable way.

(4) Song : Pyaar hua ikrar hua

Album : Awara

Description : This song reflects the romantic spirit in a nice fashion. It became the instant chartbuster.

(5) Song : Tu Chuppi hai

Album : Navrang

Description : This charismatic voice generates the massive appeal among the audience. Manna sang it beautifully.

(6) Song : Bhay Bhanjana

Album : Basant Bahar

Description : This classical piece can make the listeners cry as it was sung with lots of intensity and emotions.

(7) Song : Jeevan se lambe hain

Album : Aashirwad

Description : This idealistic song displays the great feelings and fills the audience with sensational experience.

(8) Song : Tu hai mera

Album : Kalpana

Description : This song by Manna dey showcase the romantic appeal in a energetic and lively manner. Manna’s unique touch lifts the spirits to the next level.

(9) Song : Lapak Zapak aaye badarawa

Album : Bootpolish

Description : This song was sung with great melody by Manna and it is truly incredible in its appeal.

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