Hindi Male Singers – Kishor Kumar

Kishor Kumar is a renowned playback singer who has sung numerous hit songs in Hindi as well as other Indian Languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Oriya and Malayalam. He is an exceptionally talented artist who has successfully donned the role of singer, actor, director, screenwriter etc. He was a part of the all time famous trio of Kishore, Mukesh and Rafi who had ruled the Hindi music industry from 50’s to 80’s. He had never attended any sort of classical training yet he was a phenomenal singer. He had proved himself to be versatile singer by showcasing his command over various musical genres from classical to western. He had won 8 filmfare awards that reflect his enormous potential and extraordinary singing abilities.

Famous songs of Kishor Kumar are as follows:

(1) Song : Aane Wala Pal Jaane Wala Hai.

Album : Golmaal

Description : This Hindi song was sung with great emotions by Kishore. This song is vivacious in its spirit and Kishore made it an extraordinary piece of music.

Kishor Kumar (2) Song : Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna

Album : Kudrat

Description : This song of Kishore showcase his greatness as a Hindi playback singer.

(3) Song : Paga Ghoogroo Bandh Meera Nachi Thi

Album : Namak Halal

Description : Kishore has performed remarkably well while singing this Hindi melody.

(4) Song : Chehra Hai yaa Chaand Khila Hai

Album : Saagar

Description : The phenomenal singing by the Kishore has taken the song to a higher level.

(5) Song : Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si

Album : Chalti Ka Naam Gaad

Description : Kishore’s melodious voice connects with the audience instantly and enthralls the Hindi Music fans by its power packed performance.

(6) Song : Baney Chahe Dushman

Album : Dostana

Description : Hindi music fans simply get lost in the charm of Kishore’s captivating voice. This Hindi song was composed very innovatively and Kishore has rendered the act of outstanding singing.

(7) Song : Inthea Ho Gayi, Intezaar ki

Album : Sharabi

Description : This masterpiece Hindi song reflects the flawless performance of Kishore . This song of Kishore rocked the music rating charts for many weeks.

(8) Song : Tere Bina Zinagi Se Koi

Album : Aandhi

Description : This song of Kishore is the hallmark of his greatness as a Hindi playback singer. It reflects that genius of Kishore has been fully realized.

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