Hindi Male Singer – Mukesh

Mukesh was one of the quintessential singers of the Hindi Music Industry. His amazing voice had rocked the Hindi Music Industry for few decades. He had sung thousands of songs that have in the past few decades and his songs had influenced a large number of audiences. He had the command over the various range of songs that include classical and western musical songs. He was awarded with one national award and 4 film fare awards. In addition to Hindi he has sung songs in other languages such as Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati and Assamiya.

Famous Songs of Mukesh are as follows:

(1) Song : Zinda hoon is tarahke game

Album : Aag

Description : This song is a must in the every music lover’ collection. It reflects the theme track which has the essence of the movie.

Mukesh (2) Song : Jhoomti chali hawa

Album : Sangeet Samrat Tansen

Description : This song is very calming and peaceful in its touch.

(3) Song : O jaane wale

Album : Bandini

Description : This song is famous for its absolute class and poignant nature.

(4) Song : majhi naiya dhoonda kinara

Album : Uphaar

Description : This song is truly moving and Mukesh singing has lifted the song to the next level.

(5) Song : Ram kare aisa ho jaye

Album : Milan

Description : This song is simplistic in its appeal and creates spellbinding effect on the listeners.

(6) Song : Jyot se jyot

Album : Sant Gyaneshwar

Description : This songs spreads the message of unity and love in the listeners.

(7) Song : Chhodo kal ki baaten

Album : Hum Hindustani

Description : This song of Mukesh has the potential to revitalize the spirit of patriotism among the audience.

(8) Song : Matwali naar thumak

Album : Ek Phool Char Kaante

Description : This song highlights the wide array of vocal skills of Mukesh. Audience gets an amazing experience on listening to this song.

(9) Song : Yeh dil lekar nazrana

Album : Ek Baar Muskara do

Description : This song of Mukesh upbeats the tempo of the audience and offers relaxation and calmness.

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