Hindi Latest Songs

Hindi musical tradition had witnessed the western influence in its Hindi classical and traditional compositions. Latest Hindi songs showcase the variety of flavour and zest. Hindi latest songs reflect the blend of varied cultures. Some of the Hindi songs are extremely fashionable and others are entirely classical. Hindi latest songs reflect the blend of varied cultures. Hindi singers have hugely contributed for the renaissance of Hindi music.

Famous Hindi Latest songs are as follows:

Jab Mila Tu (1) Song : Jab Mila Tu

Album : I hate love Story

Description : This Hindi song was composed with great melody and Hindi music fans simply get swayed away by its captivating voice.

(2) Song : Kajraare

Album : Kajraare

Description : This Hindi song has great appeal and charm. Hindi lyrics go well with the theme of the Hindi culture. This Hindi song creates the cheerful mood amid the Hindi Audience.

(3) Song : Bheegi si Bhagi Si

Album : Rajneeti

Description : This masterpiece Hindi song showcases the faultless performance of Hindi singers. This song has rocked the music charts for numerous weeks.

(4) Song : Moha piya Moh se

Album : Rajneeti

Description : This Hindi song is the characteristic of Hindi rich culture. This awesome piece of Hindi music takes the audience by pleasant surprise.

(5) Song : Aila Re

Album : Khatta Meetha

Description : This Hindi song exhibits far reaching influence on Hindi Music fans. This song has rocked Hindi Music scene with its power packed performance.

(6) Song : Pi Lu

Album : One upon a time in Mumbai

Description : This Hindi song is the hallmark of great Hindi music culture. This amazing Hindi composition is really riveting and striking.

(7) Song : Beera Beera

Album : Raavan

Description : This Hindi song is exceptional heart-warming and connects with Hindi Audience instantly. The Hindi singer has taken this phenomenal song to next level.

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