Hindi Funny Songs

These Hindi songs relieve the tension and doubts out of life. These Hindi songs reduce the frustration, anxiety and anger. Hindi singers have sung some great Hindi funny songs that are hilarious and revitalize people. Hindi Music comprises of rich collection of funny songs. Funny Hindi songs prove to be great source of stress busters. Funny Hindi songs eliminate sorrows, tension and stress efficiently.

Famous Hindi Funny Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Mere angane main

Album : Laawaris

Description : This Hindi song is essentially among the all time funniest songs. Hindi culture imbibes he amusement and humour in its musical compositions.

Shree 420 (2) Song : Mera joota hai japani

Album : Shree 420

Description : This Hindi song is amusing and Hindi audience get forced to laugh continuously. This Hindi song offer great entertainment.

(3) Song : Aake seedhi lagi dil pe

Album : Half ticket

Description : This Hindi funny song is captivating in its essence and Hindi artist had sung it with exceptional enthusiasm for refreshing your mind.

(4) Song : khake paan banaras wala

Album : Don

Description : This funny Hindi song makes people smile and it is among the finest Hindi song composition. This Hindi song has laughter theme for up beating the audience’s mood.

(5) Song : Jai jai shiv shanker

Album : Aapki Kasam

Description : This Hindi song provides the vital dose of humour. Hindi artist has delivered the class act. Hindi Lyrics are funny and creative.

(6) Song : Jai jai shiv shanker

Album : Aapki Kasam

Description : This Hindi song is a great treat to listen. Hindi artist has showcased his unique singing skills in this Hindi comedy song.

(7) Song : Ek chattur naar badi hoshiyar

Album : padosan

Description: It is among the remarkable funny Hindi song that creates laughter riot among the Hindi audience. This Hindi comedy song exhibits comical nature and is favourite of Hindi audience.

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