Hindi Folk Songs

Folk music of Hindi is an emblem of its intellectual identity. The rich diversity of Hindi presents bright and effervescent life colors. Hindi Folk Artists hail typically from the rural Hindi regions and Hindi folk art is identified by exclusive naive style. Hindi Folk music strikes the chord easily with the common Hindi people. Folk songs of Hindi language take the listeners into a journey of lifestyle and culture of Hindi people. The richness of Hindi culture showcases itself through folk music.

Famous Hindi Folk Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Fir se aiyo badra bidesi

Album : Namkeen

Description : This Hindi Folk song represents the people culture from its core. This Hindi folk track encompasses the conventional elements.

Hindi Folk Songs (2) Song : Dil Hum Hum Kare

Album : Rudaali

Description : This folk song marks the rich Hindi cultural history and touches the Hindi audience with its cultural roots. Hindi lyrics are wholesome and poignant in its nature.

(3) Song : Tutak Tutak Tutia

Album : Ghar Ka chirag

Description : This Hindi folk song talks about life of the Hindi’s people. This Hindi song is heartwarming at its base and Hindi artist pierces the listener’s heart with this composition.

(4) Song : Pan Khaiye Saiyan Hamar

Album : Teesari Kasam

Description : It is a beautiful Hindi song that possesses remarkable cultural values. Hindi instruments used are famous and truly miraculous. Hindi folk song is exceptionally melodious from its core.

(5) Song : Mere angane mein

Album : Lawaris

Description :It is a folk song that lefts the Hindi audience completely absorbed in it. The Powerful Hindi instruments are used during its composition and Hindi vocals are exemplary.

(6) Song : Rang Barse

Album : Silsila

Description : This folk song graces the many Hindi festivities even after so many years. This Hindi song transcends time and space alike. The Hindi artist had sung it wonderfully.

(7) Song : O Manjhi Re

Album : Khushboo

Description : This Hindi song has a worldwide appeal and it depicts the Hindi culture and its beautiful colors. Hindi singer had given intense performance with awesome modulations.

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