Hindi Children Songs

Children songs of Hindi language are awesome and full of life. Hindi audience can capture the wonderful moments of childhood. Hindi children songs offer great entertainment for kids. These Hindi songs allow the listeners to continue their childhood journey. Children songs of Hindi language depict the innocent nature of kids. Hindi songs act as a good way of engaging the parents.

Famous Hindi Children Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Re Mamma Re Mamma Re

Album : Andaz

Description : This Hindi children song is the favourites among the kids. This Hindi song instantly connects with the kids.

Hindi Children Songs (2) Song : Chanda Mama Se Pyara Mera Mama

Album : Kartavya

Description : It is an awe-inspiring Hindi song that brings childhood memories to life. This Hindi children song is stimulating and melodious at its core.

(3) Song : Sa Re Ke Sa Re

Album : Parichay

Description : This children song of Hindi language allows listeners to experience the childhood memories. This Hindi song has great melody and appealing lyrics.

(4) Song : Lakdi Ki Kathi

Album : Masoom

Description : This Hindi song is composed beautifully and creates lasting impression. Hindi children song exhibits vitality and possesses purity.

(5) Song : Bachche Man Ke Sachche

Album : Do Kaliyaan

Description : This Hindi children song expresses kid’s emotion beautifully. Hindi artist had delivered a remarkable performance and Hindi kids have a special place in heart of children.

(6) Song : Bharat Maa Ki Aankh Ke Taaron

Album : Bahu Beti This is a fascinating Hindi kid song. Hindi people regard this song close to their heart.

(7) Song : Nani Teri Morni

Album : Masoom

Description : This Hindi kid’s song is one of the classic compositions for kids. This Hindi kid song offers fun, amusement and innocence.

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