Hindi Birthday Songs

These Hindi songs are harmonious and fun filled at the core. These Hindi songs create lifetime memories of one’s childhood. Hindi audience appreciates these songs and thus Hindi Birthday songs hugely popular. Hindi birthday songs create an environment of happiness. Hindi birthday songs create an environment of happiness. Hindi culture is rich in many remarkable Hindi Birthday songs.

Famous Hindi Birthday Songs are as follows:

Hindi Birthday Songs (1) Song : Happy Birth Day To You

Album : Ek Phool Do Mali

escription : This Hindi birthday song encompasses the elements of laughter, fun and frolic. Hindi audience makes the birthday unforgettable with this track.

(2) Song : Hey Goluji ka Janam Din

Album : Happy birthday

Description : This Hindi song reminds the listener of sweet birthday’s memories. This Hindi birthday song adds grace the Birthday beautifully.

(3) Song : Taare Kitne Nil Gagan Pe Taare

Album : Aap Aaye Bahaar Aayee,

Description : This Hindi birthday song is very catchy. Hindi listeners got compelled to dance and celebrate childhood memories.

(4) Song : Tum Jiyo Hazaaro saal

Album : Tum Jiyo Hazaron Saal

Description : This birthday song of Hindi language sets the tone of festivity and jubilation. Hindi singer has sung this song heartily.

(5) Song : Happy Birthday to you

Album : Door Ki Awaz

Description : This Hindi birthday song is highly energetic and rocking song. The Hindi kids get immersed in the party mood and Hindi singer had delivered a extraordinary performance.

(6) Song : Badhai Ho Badhai

Album : Mera Munna

Description : This Hindi culture reflects the youthful appeal and this Hindi birthday song is among the exceptional birthday songs composed so far.

(7) Song : Bachche man ke sachche

Album : do kaliyan

Description : This Birthday song is among the Hindi classics and offers Hindi audience a distinct flavor of adventure.

(8) Song : Baar baar din yeh aaye

Album : Farz

Description : This Hindi Birthday song is heart-warming and offers Hindi kids the heart-warming message with fun and excitement.

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